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This is a page with software and information related to HP Palmtops, as the HP100LX and HP200LX.

This site is updated frequently with software and news.

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PalDRAW is our "star application" in HP Palmtops.

PalDRAW is a Draw/CAD application specifically designed to work in HP100/200LX palmtops.

The goal of the developers of PalDRAW is give to the user an effective tool for drawing sketches (on the fly), schematics, and serious final designs in the HP100/200LX palmtops series.

PalDRAW can be used to develop original designs or to view and modify any drawing created in applications supporting the DXF standard interchange format, including native CAD applications like AutoCAD.

PalDRAW downloads

Note: By downloading this software you accept the PalDRAW Agreement - Disclaimer.

PalDRAW 1.03 English for HP100/200LX Palmtops.

PalDRAW 1.00 Spanish for HP100/200LX Palmtops.

World Geographical Kit for PalDRAW

USA Geographical Kit for PalDRAW

Linear and Logarithmic Tables Kit for PalDRAW

Desktop PC Compatibility Kit

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