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PalDRAW is a Draw/CAD application designed to work on HP100/200LX palmtop series.

PalDRAW is now Freeware. If you want to fully activate PalDRAW, see more information in Registering Software.

Now you can register PalDRAW OnLine in a Secure Place!

There is a FAQ page about PalDRAW available.

You can see Screen Shots here.


PalDRAW is an application specifically designed to work in HP100/200LX palmtops but can be run in other compatible palmtops, such as the HP1000LX OEM. PalDRAW is an effective tool for drawing sketches (on the fly), schematics, and serious final designs in the HP100/200LX palmtops series. PalDRAW can be used to develop original designs or to view and modify any drawing created in applications supporting the DXF standard interchange format, including native CAD applications like AutoCAD or MicroStation.

Key Features

  • Freeware !!!
  • Built-in like internal GUI applications, supporting menus, dialogs, function keys.
  • Full support to native Icons ICN from HP Palmtops.
  • BMP image file export.
  • Import/Export DXF. True connection with 2D AutoCAD designs, and any other DOS or Windows software supporting DXF (as Word, CorelDraw, WordPerfect, PaintShop Pro, etc.).
  • Graphical entities supported: Circle, Arc, Line, Complex Blocks, Text, Icon bitmaps.
  • Functions activated with a key. True keyboard optimization.
  • Very low memory requirements (EXE smaller than 100Kb!!). Only need 250kb RAM.
  • High speed code optimization designed in Assembler and C++.
  • Several ways to move cursor efficiently, manual and automatically.
  • Cursor position historical functions to navigate through most used points in the draw.
  • Cursor store marker, to define strategic points in a draw.
  • High quality blocks library defined.
  • DRW File format open to programmers.

PalDRAW Screen Shots

Screen Shot #1

General menu options available in PalDRAW.

Screen Shot #2

Zoom and Panning in the COLUMBIA.DRW draw.

Screen Shot #3

Some of the sample drawings included with the PalDRAW package.


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