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Question: Does PalDRAW run on Windows CE devices?


No. PalDRAW is just designed to work on HP100LX and HP200LX palmtop machines, running on DOS mode. 

You can also run PalDRAW on your desktop PC, using the Desktop PC Compatibility Kit. Eventually, other palmtops or handheld devices could run PalDRAW, always if they support DOS, and provides EGA or VGA screen compatibility.    

Question: Is there a way to print out the drawings or must I use the Print Screen function?


PalDRAW does not support any printing capabilities of the Palmtop. This is because the short storage memory requirements supported by the application. 

If you have not a very big restriction of disk space in your palmtop, there is a number of techniques you can use to print out PalDRAW drawing files: 

  • In your Palmtop: Use some DOS utility application which allows you to print out BMP bitmap files, as for instance Alchemy, then use it to print a BMP file exported from PalDRAW.
  • In your Palmtop: If you prefer to print vectorial files, export the drawing as a DXF using DRW2DXF.EXE utility, then use some CAD utility application able to print DXF files from DOS.
  • In your PC: Export your drawing as BMP or DXF, then print with your favorite software, from DOS or Windows.


Question: PalDRAW does not run when I try PD.EXE in my palmtop. What is wrong?


There are several things you could check: 

  • Have you decompressed the PD.ZIP file with the command "PKUNZIP -d PD.ZIP" to restore the directory structure, as the user manual indicates?
  • Have you copied all the files to the palmtop directory, with the directory structure? Most of users which found problems first time running PalDRAW are those which forget to copy some file from the desktop PC to the palmtop. Try to reinstall the package.
  • Do you have at least 300KB of free RAM? Go to the user's manual to get more information about the minimum PalDRAW requirements.


Question: What I get when I register PalDRAW?


First of all, you support our work, which allow us to improve the application to give you more features. 

In the application, you will find the next improvements: 

  • The start screen which shows Shareware information and waits several seconds until you press the 'Y' key, is removed.
  • The bitmap BMP file export removes the 'UNREGISTERED COPY OF PALDRAW" messages.
  • You get three registration codes, for the current release and for the next two. Some of these versions are only available for registered users.
  • You get unlimited support by e-mail.